Studio Floris Kaayk
Based in Den Haag, The Netherlands

Founding date:
September 1, 2008


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Studio Floris Kaayk is a digital arts studio based in The Netherlands focussing on developing, realizing and promoting game / vr projects, online fiction stories, interactive science fiction, animated shorts and music videos. Since 2006 director Floris Kaayk and his team has been succesfully spreading his work over the internet with millions of views and comments, exhibitions all over the globe and awards at film festivals, contemporary art events and music video competitions.


The Modular Body (2016)

The Modular Body is an online science fiction story about the creation of OSCAR, a living organism built from human cells. The protagonist is Cornelis Vlasman, a versatile biologist for whom the path well-travelled is the most uninteresting one by definition. Together with a few like-minded people he therefore starts an independent laboratory in which he experiments with organic materials. The primitive, vulnerable organism that finally results from Vlasman’s endeavours is OSCAR. The prototype, in the size of a human hand, consists of clickable organ modules. OSCAR is kept alive with blood taken from Vlasman and is continually vaccinated against infections, as it has no immune system. The story refers to various similar narratives in world literature and film history, notably Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Witch Doctor (2015)

Music Video created for Dutch rockband De Staat, in collaboration with Studio Smack. Picked as best Dutch music video of all time, by music platform 3voor12

Hell.exe (2015)

Hell.exe is a digital reconstruction of the right panel from the famous triptych ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Jheronimus Bosch, on which hell can be seen. Bosch’s work is brought to life in a computer simulation using the game engine Unity. Hell.exe is monochromatic and uses crowdsourced 3D scans for the figures. Also, the video has sound effects, which means that the blazing hellfire, the roar of monsters and the fearful cries of the eternally damned are heard.

Human Birdwings (2012)

The transmedia story of Jarno Smeets, a young man who dreams of flying like a bird and thinks he knows how to make that dream come true. This portrayal of the ultimate flying dream reached millions of people and became worldwide headline news. The story reached over 10 million online views and 25,000 reactions on YouTube. The story was also covered by major media like BBC, Wired, Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Techcrunch, Discovery and many Dutch media. Even the Mythbusters shed their light on the matter. Over 30,000 tweets, 2,000 emails and near to 1,000 reactions to Jarno’s blog were counted.

The Origin Of Creatures (2010)

A futuristic vision of a world after a catastrophic disaster. In this dark parable mutated limbs are looking for cooperation, but due to miscommunication this mission is doomed to fail. The storyline of The Origin of Creatures is based on one of the most well-known myths about collaboration, the Tower of Babel. Among the remains of a devastated city lives what is left of humanity. Human bodies are divided into separate bodyparts and are fused to special beings. Together, these creatures form a colony, they can only survive if they collaborate. In the rubble of destroyed buildings they are trying to build a nest as large and as high as possible, so that the colony’s queen gets enough sunlight to reproduce.



Witch Doctor / De Staat YouTube

The Modular Body YouTube

The Origin of Creatures YouTube

Hell.exe Vimeo



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Awards & Recognition

  • "UK Music Video Award" - Witch Doctor, 2016
  • "Golden Kalf, Netherlands Film Festival" - The Modular Body, 2016
  • "Witteveen+Bos Art and Technology Award" - Oeuvre Award, 2017
  • "Nomination Prix Ars Electronica" - The Origin of Creatures, 2011
  • "Nomination BAFTA Scotland" - Metalosis Maligna, 2007
  • "Puchon Fantastic Film Festival Jury Prize" - The Origin of Creatures, 2011
  • "FWA award" - The Modular Body, 2016

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