Studio Floris Kaayk
Based in Den Haag, The Netherlands

Release date:
20 december, 2020



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USD 14.99


Next Space Rebels is an arthouse construction game about amateur rocktetry, community hypes and the call for an independent internet .

Activist amateur space program "Next Space Rebels" has the plan to launch its own satellites into space with self-built rockets. With this independent satellite infrastructure they want to guarantee a free, uncontrolled internet. Ultimately, however, the objectives of the Next Space Rebels also appear to be not entirely transparent. They - and you indirectly as a player too - may have been lured into the trap of the money and power of the big players. The games’ narrative shows the current and worrying struggle over the power for the internet in a playful way.

On the one hand Next Space Rebels is about the childish pleasure of launching self-made rockets from the earth’s surface. During the game progress the player develops from a naive rocket hobbyist into an experienced rocket activist by designing, building and launching rockets of increasing complexity. On the other hand the games’ narrative exposes current concerns about an increasingly regulated internet.

World powers and wealthy companies compete for a new internet network infrastructure. Who will determine what will or will not be censored? Who controls our data? Who protects our freedom of expression? This power struggle is no longer limited to boardrooms and processor power, but has also moved to space. Those who own the satellites with which the internet is spreading around the world, ultimately seem to be in control. It is therefore not surprising that the rich of the earth are investing more and more money in such satellites.


Next Space Rebels' Phase 1 / concept development started in 2017. Together with a small team we experimented with various ways of blending narrative elements and simulation game mechanics. In 2018 we succesfully rounded up Phase 1; several cultural funds accepted our funding proposals. Creative Industries Fund NL, STRP Art and Technology Festival, Dutch Film Fund, Stroom and Mondriaan Fund made it possible to start Phase 2 / game development. We're now working towards our first public alpha test during STRP Festival, april 2020.


  • Step in the shoes of a do-it-yourselfer and transform into a Next Space Rebel by designing, building and launching extravagant rockets.
  • Experience unique YouTube realism and internet culture aesthetics.
  • Dive into a storyworld about amateur rocketry, internet culture and the call for an independent internet.
  • Progress by achieving goals given by story characters from a fictional online community.
  • Get rewarded with subscribers, rocket parts and shared videos from the story characters.
  • Graphic User Interface evolves with skill level of the player and development within the narrative
  • Launch a satellite into low Earth orbit that adds to worldwide coverage for a true independent internet


This is a work in progress trailer. It's being updated during game development. YouTube

This is a screenrecording of Next Space Rebels' design-build-launch loop. It's work in progress material. YouTube

This is a screenrecording of 'Work In Progress' Camera switching during launch YouTube




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About Studio Floris Kaayk

Studio Floris Kaayk is a digital arts studio based in The Netherlands focussing on developing, realizing and promoting game / vr projects, online fiction stories, interactive science fiction, animated shorts and music videos. Since 2006 director Floris Kaayk and his team has been succesfully spreading his work over the internet with millions of views and comments, exhibitions all over the globe and awards at film festivals, contemporary art events and music video competitions.

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Next Space Rebels Credits

Flois Kaayk
Game Director, artist

Siuli Ko
Project Manager

Tijmen Meijer
Game Designer / Programmer

Maarten Brouwer

Don den Boef



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